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 Q: What is your low price guarantee?

A:We guarantees you the lowest overall cost. If you find the same item for less, please fax us a copy of the quote including any applicable delivery/handling charges. We will beat the total cost by 5%.

Q: Does JUST A RACK offer volume discounts?

A:Yes, you can save anywhere from 3%~7% depending on the total cost of product your are purchasing:

     Save 3% on orders of $3,000 or more
     Save 7% on orders of $5000 or more
 Q: Why are your prices so much lower than the competition?

A: We are one of the major manufacturers and distributors of  material handling industryand We are an internet based company.  As such, we do not spend a lot of money sending salesman out on the road prospecting for business. That is a very expensive way to bring new clients to an industrial business, and we prefer to give our customers a chance to save on their products, especially those clever enough to find us.  Also, we do not spend any money on advertising or expensive "Pay Per Click" advertising campaigns.   Customers find us, typically on Google, Yahoo, because we show up on the top of these search engines.  For free. In the "natural search" sections of these websites.  We are only on top of these search engines because we are truly relevant to you, our customers, when they want our products.  This enables us to pass our low costs on to you.

Q:  Do you have free shipping?

A:  As has been said many a time, there is no free lunch.  Whether shipping is added to the price of the product, or is a separate item, the end user always pays for the shipping.  If you have spent any time shopping on the internet comparing our prices, you already know that we are much less expensive than the competition.  But some of our competitors say they offer "free shipping", simply by marking the products up.  We believe in letting you know how much each item costs so that you can decide to possibly pick the item up on  your own, purchase more product at the the same time which will reduce relative cost, or to use your own freight carrier.  Additionally, shipping charges are not subject to sales or use tax, so adding the shipping to the cost of the product simply costs you more money when all is said and done.But if you order over $5000,we"ll ship to you free or you will get 7% discount.

Q:  Okay, then how much is shipping?

A:  That depends on what and how much you are buying, and where you are located. We have negotiated extremely good freight rates with excellent carriers, and pass the savings on to you.  But please be aware that because our products are very heavy relative to their cost, freight is a significant component.  Additionally, if you are buying in very small quantities of product that must be sent via trucking (as opposed to lighter items weighing less than 70 lbs or so that we can ship via UPS), you may hit the freight company minimums, which typically start at $79 minimum "dock to dock" for the first 400 lbs or so to a commercial location. Whenever possible, we suggest that you consolidate your purchases to keep the relative freight costs down.  Also, whenever possible, have your products shipped to a business location open during normal hours with a freight dock or a forklift.

Q:  What is "dock to dock" freight?

A:  This is the typical freight offered from common carriers, such as FEDEX freight, or UPS Freight, or Conway, or Yellow freight.  It means the freight cost is stated to your shipping dock, and your staff unloads the freight.  It also means that your company and staff are available to receive the freight during normal business hours, typically 8am to 5pm.  If  this doesn't apply to you and your company, freight companies charge "accessorial charges".  This includes items such as "call before delivery" or "we need a lift gate on the truck because we have no forklift or dock high door", or "we need inside delivery because we have no staff to unload and bring the products inside to our facility" or "this is a remote location".  Please let us know if any of this applies to you so we can quote all charges prior to processing your order and charging your credit card.  By the way, even our competitors that quote "free shipping" do not include free accessorial charges.  They will add these items to your prices as well (check their fine print).

Q:  Do you accept purchase orders?

A:  We can accept purchase orders from government agencies and Fortune 500's on an immediate basis.  All other companies may apply for open account.  This process typically takes 2 weeks.  If you would like open account, please send your company's credit application along with your purchase order to:

  877-278-7225 attn: Credit Department 

Q:  Your site requires us to put in a credit card number when we place an order.  But you say you will not charge our account until we approve? 

A: Yes, that is a bit confusing.  But believe us, we will not charge you until you approve all charges.  Your credit card is not being charged when you put in your number.  It is only after we have notified you of the charges and received your approval that your card will be charged.  If you want to give us a test only, and want a freight quote, just put in a number such as "1111 2222 3333 4444" with what you want.  We will respond with your freight charges, and if you approve, then we will charge your actual credit card.

Q:  Our company doesn't use credit cards.  Can we pay by check? 

A:  Yes.  And we don't wait to receive your check to process the order.  Simply fax us a copy of your check, and we will process your order that day.  Just put your check in the mail that day.
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