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Catwalk Multi-Level System 

  Our Mezzanine Storage provides a multi-level system which significantly increases your storage capabilities by expanding upward rather than outward. It utilizes most bulk and space saver sizes and configurations in a variety of combinations to take full advantage of valuable warehouse space. This is the fastest and most economical way to increase space without a build out. Our modular systems not only store more but also become office and work space.

Key Features:

  • One Piece Upright Posts
  • Boltless Construction
  • Shelves Adjustable on 1 1/2"Centers
  • Access to All Storage Levels
  • Rigid Connections Provide Solid Support for Decking
  • Unit Widths up to 72"
  • APH Posts "The Strongest in the Industry"
  • Designed to Meet Individual Requirements
  • Specially designed and engineered to comply with seismic zones and local building codes.

Mezzanine Design Considerations:

For preliminary design of a Mezzanine or Catwalk System the following must be considered:

·         Adequate Height

·         Shelf Sizes and Capacity

·         Number of levels Per Unit

·         Size of Aisles

·         Mezzanine or Catwalk Loads

·         Stairway Access

·         Obstructions (Columns, Panels, Etc.)

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