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Catwalk Multi-Level System

Our Catwalk Multi-Level System, also known as Mezzanine Storage, is a cutting-edge solution that revolutionizes your storage capabilities by optimizing vertical space utilization. Instead of expanding horizontally, our system efficiently extends upward, making the most of bulk and space-saving configurations to unlock the full potential of your warehouse. This approach is not only the swiftest but also the most cost-effective way to augment storage capacity without necessitating extensive construction. Beyond storage, our modular systems can seamlessly transition into office and workspace areas.

Key Features:

  • Single-Piece Upright Posts
  • Boltless Construction for Effortless Assembly
  • Shelves Adjustable on 1 1/2" Centers
  • Unhindered Access to All Storage Levels
  • Rigid Connections Ensure Sturdy Decking Support
  • Unit Widths Extend up to 72"
  • APH Posts: Setting the Standard for Industry Strength
  • Customized Design to Fulfill Unique Requirements
  • Engineered to Meet Stringent Seismic Zone and Local Building Code Specifications

Mezzanine Design Considerations:

For preliminary Mezzanine or Catwalk System design, several critical factors demand consideration:

  • Sufficient Vertical Clearance
  • Shelf Dimensions and Weight Capacity
  • Determination of Levels per Unit
  • Aisle Dimensions
  • Load-Bearing Capabilities of the Mezzanine or Catwalk
  • Access Points Including Stairways
  • Potential Obstructions such as Columns or Panels

For tailored solutions to your storage and workspace needs, please do not hesitate to reach out to us.

Contact Information:

Phone: 909-699-1000 Email: Kindly forward your requirements or floor plans to


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