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Just a Rack is a premier stocking distributor of new pallet racks, serving all areas of Orange County in California, USA.  A wide variety of our Orange County pallet racks offer an immediate access to every pallet available in the system. We have several years of experience in offering high-quality structural channel pallet racking, ensuring a compromise of the adequate storage capacity and product selectivity. Armed with quality products and considerable years of experience, Just a Rack has introduced numerous features of strong Orange County pallet racks.

Available in two main colors orange and green, each of our structural channel pallet racks ensures strength, quality and durability. As the consequence of it, you can use those for different storage purposes like industrial storage, commercial storage or residential storage.  Lower maintenance costs, assured safety and longer service life help you confidently meet your purposes, saving your time and money. To give you a competitive edge in your industry, we are dedicated to meeting your common and customized pallet rack needs in Orange County within your affordable budget. We have showcased a plethora of product options to choose from. Browse through our trend-setting pallet racks available online. Book your preferred ones to receive these at your doorsteps.   


We are open to your customized pallet rack needs with almost conditions and capacities mentioned below:

  • Required capacities based on interior usage
  • Capacities needed for the selective racks only
  • Capacities based upon non-seismic usage
  • Storage capacities, depending on installation in a plumb condition
  • Capacity requirements with an eye to equal loading on both posts


Why choose our Orange County pallet racks

  • We are the manufacturer and deliverer of quality products. This is why we have a good control over each product shipped from our warehouses.
  • We offer high-quality products, ensuring you a low maintenance cost.  
  • We have a low price guarantee on booking over the internet.
  • We market a wide variety of products online 
  • We have a dedicated customer support team to assist you round the clock.

Call us or email us with your needs and queries. We are committed to meeting your pallet rack needs and building a long term relationship with you by offering high-quality products at lower prices.


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